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Aircraft ownership and operation can be a complex matter.

In many instances, the use of aircraft provide the most logical means of transport and connection based on particular circumstances or requirements. Ritam Aviation seeks fill these needs and provide the required expertise to enable owners to make the right choices, understand the implications of their decisions and ensure that they have the best solution.

Ritam Aviation aims to facilitate unique aircraft and ownership solutions, making it possible for aircraft owners and prospective owners to modernize, support and operate aircraft in an innovative and value adding manner.

The primary aviation activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Making strategic investments in aviation and aviation related enterprises
  • Provide and facilitate aircraft leasing solutions for approved general aviation customers
  • Provide and/or facilitate finance solutions for approved general aviation customers
  • Through its strategic partnerships, provide airlift solutions for general airline, general aviation, cargo and related operations
  • Develop and participate in special mission aircraft applications, including for governments and parastatal organisations in areas such as maritime and border patrol, and other special mission applications.
  • Structuring unique and affordable aviation solutions for governments
  • Providing strategic advice for fleet structuring and sustainability in the general aviation arena.
  • Facilitate ‘power by the hour’ programs for airline operators.
  • Provide/facilitate emergency aviation services.

Ritam Aviation has a team that is experienced in providing solutions to complex and unique aviation requirements, that can compare various alternatives and provide insight into the aviation alternatives available to its customers.

Ritam Aviation will inform your decision-making in a transparent and unique way that no other aviation company will!

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