WP 1800 Crowd Control Vehicle

This is the latest member for the TFM Security vehicles designed for Patrol / Crowd Control  Management.

This unit offers ballistic protection to Security personnel where additional space is requirement for storage of riot control equipment. This version offers improved interior space and higher mobility.

Being a Semi Monocoque design it offers large savings on maintenance structures as it makes use of a standard commercial drive train.

The WP 1800 variant is also the base vehicle for the TFM Riot Water Cannon.


The WP 1800 is designed for use on short wheel base MAN 18 240 4 X 2 and 4 X 4 chassis with a GVM of
between 18 000 to 21 000 kg’s.


Ballistic protection is offered at Euro norm Standard EN 1063 level B4+ against AK 47 when chambered with standard 39 mm Ball Ammunition. Dependent on requirements this specification is upgradable.


Resisto Ballistic Glass of 38 mm thickness is fitted to all windows and are completely gasketed.  The side and rear glass are lightly tinted in accordance with Road Ordinances.  All Ballistic glass is fitted with an inner anti Spalling film.

Rifle and Ammunition Storage

A Rifle Safe is installed.

The optional extras that can be included:

  • Static 4 Channel camera system infra Red with DVR recorder.
  • Day Night 28 time Zoom Pan and Tilt Camera with Separate DVR .
  • Full Thermal Imaging Camera against special approvals.
  • Fire Suppression System DCP and AFFF/ in engine bay and under body.
  • Plug side doors on each side allows easy ingress and egress.
  • Supply of radio system to client specification.
  • Dash Air conditioner.
  • Engle fridge.
  • Automatic gear box option.
  • Drop down Ramp Rear door is fitted folding down electrically driven.
  • Hydraulically operated front Dozer Blade.
  • Roof mounted Cable Cutters.

Typical capsule layout

  • The standard drivers area is fitted with driver and co-driver seating.
  • Roof and side walls finished in a soft insulating membrane, covered with grey carpet.
  • The floor is finished in PVC industrial tiles.
  • Seating for 12 crew personal including driver and co-driver (expandable option available).
  • Seating for the crew are spring mounted, flip up type seats with moulded heavy duty urethane cushions.
  • Seating for the personnel in the rear 10 facing back to back.
  • All seats have 4-point seat belts.
  • Two front side doors are offered one each for the driver and co-driver.
  • An additional two side doors are offered as standard for the crew to exit the vehicle.
  • All doors are mechanically locked.
  • An option does exist to have these plug side doors and rear door pneumatically operated.
  • Option for rear ramp door.
  • Individual side windows are positioned in back and side panel to give a full 360˚ view.
  • Gun port pivot types are fitted along the sides and rear. Note all gun ports fitted in the glass.
  • Four roof mounted spotlights are fitted, operated from the interior.
  • Spot lights fitted in front heavy duty bumper.
  • An escape hatch is provided in the roof above the co-driver.
  • Additional escape hatches are also fitted over 4 of the crew seats.
  • Driver and co-driver rear view mirrors to be electrically operated.
  • Fire extinguishers are fitted, both in the cab and in the crew area.
  • The vehicle is cooled with a heavy duty 14Kw roof mounted air conditioning system.
  • Internal lighting is fitted in the capsule area.
  • Rotating light bar, incorporating a PA System.
  • One spare wheel, mounted under the chassis.
  • Siren fitted.
  • Engine Protection to B4.
  • All Windows are fitted with Riot Protection screens.
  • Side lifting protection fitted.


  • Under seat storage is provided for the rear seats.
  • Two storage racks are fitted at the rear on each side.
  • Riot shield storage is positioned between the seat backs.