Social Responsibility – The Willowvale house project corenr_block

Justice and Correctional Services Minister, Adv. Michael Masutha on Friday, 05 August 2016, handed over a house to Ms. Zolela Nakuphi, whose house was burn to ashes in the month of June 2016.  The lady, with her three kids, were taking refuge at a neighbour’s house.

The elders of the Weza Village brought this tragic episode to the attention of Adv. Mthunzi Mhaga, a resident of the area, who in turn requested sponsorship for the rebuilding of the house, Kwane Capital (Pty) Ltd responded to the appeal by donating building material and funding the project. Through an offender labour project the Department Correctional Services used this project to up-skill offenders, by supplying the labour to build a four-roomed house, bringing comfort and dignity to the Nakuphi family.    

Minister Masutha engaged the community of Willowvale on issues relating to Criminal justice system.