Panelvan Ambulances

TFM Conversions converts a large range of vehicles into customer specific user-friendly ambulances. By involving the medical personnel and end-users in the development of each ambulance we are able to achieve the best possible specification and layout in the shortest time. 3D CAD drawings allow for accurate visualisation before building. This eliminates costly re-works and ensures customer satisfaction before commitment. By understanding our customer requirements and the geographical working environment of the ambulance before we begin, we are able to deliver fit-for-purpose ambulances.

TFM consults directly with active field Paramedics with more than 40 years combined working experience. This allows for our Ambulances to remain functional and state-of-the-art.

These turnkey projects include the latest in electrics and lighting. TFM utilises LED lighting and strobe technology to produce highly visible and ultimately safer emergency vehicles. Highly visible GEN III lights mounted in the rear doors increase “on scene” visibility. This results in an increase in the crew, patient and vehicle safety.

Striping of ambulances is offered using high quality reflective vinyls according to customer design. All striping is applied in-house during the conversion process to eliminate post-production delays. Attendant seats are SABS approved seats with 2-point lap belts. Floor options include vinyl or rubberising.

All medical and ancillary equipment is available through TFM Conversions.

TFM Conversions offers a range of conversions from small Ambulances like VW Transporters to larger Crafters. There are pro’s and con’s to both sizes of emergency vehicle.

Small ambulances only require code 8 licences. They are fast, manoeuvrable, offer good height clearance and are cheaper to operate. Large vehicles are safer, more stable at high speed, more visible and can accommodate more layout options. The main advantage is the ability to carry more than one patient. This is an important factor to consider when one looks at the cost of dispatching multiple vehicles to a scene.

Our range covers Mobile Clinics, Basic Patient Transporters, ILS and ALS ambulances.