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Ritam Holdings has signed an exclusive agreement for the manufacturing and service of Konecranes container handling equipment products in South Africa

Konecranes is a major global player in the design, manufacture and servicing of container handling equipment. Excellent technology isn’t enough in itself – build quality, delivery excellence, commissioning professionalism and service complete the picture from Konecranes.

Straddle Carriers

Our eight-wheel DE53 and DE54 straddle carriers are reliable, high-performance workhorses in the stradd terminal yard, stacking 1-over-2 and 1-over-3 respectively. They have been adopted by a number of leading stradd terminal operators, who have been convinced by the combination of smart machines and full service that Konecranes is able to provide.


The Konecranes BOXRUNNER is a special stradd for quayside-to-yard container transfer operations. It’s short, fast and reliable, of particular interest to container terminal operators adopting automation.

A strong sense of control

The electronic-hydraulic steering system of a Konecranes straddle carrier provides a strong sense of control over the machine in contact with the drive surface and the containers it handles. The steering system aligns the wheels precisely, ensuring directional stability and reducing tire wear.

World-class ride

The chassis of a Konecranes straddle carrier has either six or eight independently suspended wheels, each with its own maintenance-free (grease-free) suspension system. The design of the suspension system is based on a special alignment of spring elements and bearings that effectively controls rod movement during driving and braking, ensuring excellent stability in all driving situations.

Born to lift

The hoist motors, rope drums and gear boxes of the hoisting system are designed and manufactured by Konecranes in-house. They work together flawlessly, in true balance with the lifting work they do. Our straddle hoisting system is well-known and field-proven in our RTG and RMG cranes.

Our straddle hoisting system offers a reliable lifting capacity of 50 metric tons Safe Working Load under spreader. The yoke beam is very rigid. If a collision occurs, the force is transferred to special bolts that break in a controlled manner—reducing the extent of the damage and downtime.

Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes

The Konecranes Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) crane is a great example of how intelligent design can make container handling safer, more productive and more reliable. The combination of our intelligent streel structure, Active Load Control (ALC) technology and smarter cabin makes this crane the most productive and reliable in the world.

Secure path to fully automated operation

When you choose the Konecranes RTG, you get a growth path to fully automated RTG operation. The Konecranes Automated RTG (ARTG) system is available for both greenfield and brownfield container terminals.

Complete range of power options for Konecranes RTGs

We offer a complete range of power options for RTGs as retrofits, including our new Hybrid Power Pack. Whether your business plan calls for following the diesel-electric path or a fully electric path, we have it covered.

No hydraulics

There are no hydraulics in Konecranes RTGs, whether for bogie turning, sway prevention or spreader micro-motions. This is a great advantage providing higher reliability, less downtime, and lower maintenance and spare part costs, particularly at ports that experience harsh coastal weather.


We also offer the BOXHUNTER RTG, an entirely new RTG concept.

Automated RTG (ARTG) System

The Konecranes Automated RTG (ARTG) system is available for greenfield and brownfield RTG-based container terminals. It is built around our market-leading 16-wheel RTG and its unique ability to tolerate rough yard surfaces. The system includes a complete package of truck guidance infrastructure, a Remote Operating Station with a specially developed GUI, and an IT system that interfaces with your Terminal Operating System (TOS).

The Konecranes 16-wheel RTG is ideally suited to automation. The holistic combination of its intelligent steel structure and Active Load Control system copes with the wide range of surface variations inherent in RTG container yards, plus the variations inherent when a crane of this size runs on rubber tires. You can start with your current yard infrastructure as you move to fully automated RTG operation – step by step, block by block.

On the process side, we offer a model for handling truck traffic that includes special safety infrastructure and intelligent stack gates. This model will be the foundation for designing an operating model specifically for you.

Automated RMG (ARMG) System

The automated handling of containers is the next step in the evolution of container crane technology that began with the introduction of containerised shipping in the 1960s. The Konecranes Automated RMG (ARMG) system offers valuable advantages in an ever-more automated industry. These advantages are being realised by leading container terminals around the world where Konecranes ARMG systems are hard at work.

Technology proven in the real world

The Konecranes ARMG crane design drew upon rail and yard conditions that are the daily reality in container terminals around the world, and brought in the proven technology of our Rubber Tired Gantry cranes. Konecranes ARMGs have a light, intelligent steel structure. When this is combined with our Active Load Control (ALC) technology, the cranes deliver fast, accurate container stacking over a range of real world conditions.

Hard-won experience

Konecranes can deliver a field-proven, complete ARMG system on time and within budget. We have an excellent track record of ARMG system project delivery, from the system design phase through to commissioning and hand-over.

Ship-to-Shore Gantry Cranes

Konecranes has over 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and delivery of Ship-to-Shore (STS) container cranes. We have delivered over 120 of them, in sizes ranging from Panamax to Super Post Panamax. Our STS cranes have an excellent reputation for design, manufacturing (in-house manufacturing of key components) and customer care. We can erect our STS cranes on-site, or ship them fully erected depending on your location.

Gatekeeper of good business

Konecranes Ship-to-Shore cranes are equipped with our Active Load Control technology, which improves the crane operator’s control over the positioning of the spreader and container on the truck chassis, in the cell or on the deck. Dwell times decrease substantially. You can substantially boost the productivity of your quayside operations

Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes

Konecranes Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes are the result of decades of crane design experience and performance in the field. They incorporate both recent innovations and technologies proven in millions of on-the-job working hours to provide high performance, reliability, accuracy, low operating costs and low energy consumption. We can tailor our RMGs for your specific operation. We deliver them in different sizes and configurations including zero outreach and outreach from both sides, with both rotating and non-rotating trolleys that lift all container and trailer types.