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An armoured troop carrier to Euronorm 1063b4+ standards with seating capacity between 6 and 8 operatives, mainly used in private security and civil defence applications.

SAP Police Canopies

TFM has supplied over 10 000 police canopies over the last ten years. In both single and double cab versions. Includes variants for specific use for metro police, K9 units, prison transporters, and forensic units. Two and four mortuary variants are available on this platform.

TFM WP1300

Large ballistic protected capsule to Euronorm standard 1063b4+ and b6+ as escort and patrol vehicles as well as armoured personal carriers. Where required they are used as command and control units.

TFM Taurus

An armoured capsule to Euronorm 1063b4+ to give ballistic protection to security personal, best suited to Land Rover Defender and Toyota Landcruiser chassis. Both single double cab and station wagon units are offered.