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TFM’s Defence division was a leading player in the South African defence industry for its original design and production of the renowned Casspir and RG12 Nyala personnel carriers, the RG32 Scout for the South African authorities, RG31 Nyala for the United Nations and NATO, and the Mamba. After producing 500 RG12s, the designs were sold in 1997, however TFM retained all production facilities including the design and production staff. Since then TFM has focussed on the commercial security Industry delivering numerous vehicles such as the WP1800 crowd control vehicle.

Ritam has contracted ADG Mobility to design, develop and industrialise a class-leading, agile and highly protected armoured personnel carrier, incorporating the latest features and elements, tested under combat conditions. This vehicle will be manufactured by TFM.

TFM Military also specialises in the manufacture of specialised military application vehicles including, boarder patrol vehicles, armoured recovery vehicles and military ambulances.

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TFM Military is excited to announce that a new range of combat vehicles will be released by the end of 2017.

Please contact us for further information on these new exciting developments.

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